Poorly Installed Heat Runs Could Affect Furnace Air Flow

A newly installed furnace should create a nice and steady air flow that provides heat to the whole home. However, improperly installed heat runs (a duct item that takes heat through the system) could be causing serious problems. That's why it's so important to check this during installation and to know how to fix the furnace afterward. Measuring Air Flow Before assuming a furnace's air flow is off because of improperly installed heat runs, it is important to carefully test it.

Too Busy Managing Your Small Healthcare Office to Improve Its Efficiency?

If you own and manage a small healthcare facility, you may find that you spend most of your days putting out figurative fires and overseeing patient treatment—leaving you little time to sit back and think about the big-picture processes. Unfortunately, with rapid changes and advances in everything from insurance billing to drug samples, just making it through your day-to-day operations could put your medical office behind the curve, potentially costing you both money and patient trust.

Security For Your Hospital Emergency Room: Four Things To Consider

Your hospital's emergency room provides care for serious, life-threatening situations, but it can also invite dangerous situations that require additional security precautions. Here are a few things you can do to help secure your emergency room and keep it safe for patients and their families. Hire Armed Security Guards If your hospital is located in a high-crime area, your staff may feel more comfortable with armed security guards in the ER.

Unique And Affordable Advertising Tools For Local Promotion

Promoting your business to the general public is the best way to get your name or product known in the community. You may not have the largest advertising budget, but you should still do all you can to make your business stand out so your potential customers know you exist. Here are some unique and affordable ways to make your business presence known so customers are alerted about your products, services, or sales.

Hand-Knit Baby Blankets: Thoughtful or Dangerous?

Hand-knit items for children are an incredibly thoughtful gift, but when it comes to baby blankets they may actually cause more harm than good. Baby blankets that are made commercially are held to rigorous standards and are generally safer for a few reasons. Hand Knit Blankets Can Unravel Regardless of how well knitting is done, there are still areas that could potentially be unraveled—especially if many colors and textures of yarn have been used.

Custom Packaging Ideas For Ready-To-Assemble Furniture

Shipping your ready-to-assemble furniture to your customers is a great way to expand your business, and custom packaging provides unique options for enhancing your customers' experiences with your products. Here are just a few custom packaging options to consider for your furniture products. Use A Series Of Smaller Boxes Instead of using packing peanuts to protect individual pieces inside of the box, consider packing the parts for your furniture in a series of smaller boxes.

Tips for Getting Commercial Auto Insurance

If your company uses a vehicle for business purposes, then you need to get commercial auto insurance. This will allow you to drive safely and legally on the roads. However, commercial auto insurance can be expensive in many cases due to the larger sized vehicles that are used and the fact that they sometimes get driven for many more miles than your private car. Here are some tips for getting commercial auto insurance so that you make the most of your money.

4 Furnace Mistakes All Homeowners Should Avoid

If you live in a cold climate, you probably rely heavily on your furnace to keep you home at a comfortable temperature during the winter months. Unfortunately, if your furnace is not cared for properly, you can be left having to pay for expensive repairs or having to replace your whole furnace prematurely. If your home has a furnace, avoid these common mistakes: Not Scheduling Maintenance You probably wouldn't drive your car for years on end without having any maintenance done, and you shouldn't do so with your furnace either.