Hand-Knit Baby Blankets: Thoughtful or Dangerous?

Hand-knit items for children are an incredibly thoughtful gift, but when it comes to baby blankets they may actually cause more harm than good. Baby blankets that are made commercially are held to rigorous standards and are generally safer for a few reasons.

Hand Knit Blankets Can Unravel

Regardless of how well knitting is done, there are still areas that could potentially be unraveled—especially if many colors and textures of yarn have been used. When a hand knit blanket unravels, the yarn can become wrapped around the baby and potentially cut off circulation. Infants, in particular, are extremely fragile when it comes to this type of damage. Further, yarn that has become loose in a crib or other rest area may not be immediately noticed and may remain a hazard.

Hand Knit Blankets Are Thick & Soft

Recently, many people have moved towards using thin sheets for babies rather than thicker blankets. In general, it's considered much safer to use thin sheets because they cannot be bundled up or moved around. Bundled blankets make it easier for a baby to get trapped in a less than optimal position, and it also makes it more difficult to check on the baby and to visually see that the baby is not well.

Hand Knit Blankets May Not Be Inflammable

There are yarns that are intended for babies, but not all yarns are. Some yarns are not entirely fire resistant, the way that both baby clothes and baby blankets need to be tested. This is especially true for yarns that may contain synthetic materials or interesting textures.

Hand Knit Blankets May Not Be Hypoallergenic

Babies tend to be very sensitive to their environment. Simple things such as dust can become harmful to a child. Hand-knit blankets may be out of materials that a child is naturally allergic to (such as wool) or they may be thick enough that they tend to capture dust and create a reaction in the child. Baby blankets that are sold commercially are generally hypoallergenic for this reason.

Not only are hand-knit blankets potentially dangerous or harmful for the above reasons, but they also take a lot of time to complete and they may not be used for very long. There are many completely safe baby blankets for sale that will be more suitable to infants. Handmade blankets are usually better left for older children. Until then, check out companies like Toasty Toes to find baby blankets that are likely more suitable for your newborn.