Custom Packaging Ideas For Ready-To-Assemble Furniture

Shipping your ready-to-assemble furniture to your customers is a great way to expand your business, and custom packaging provides unique options for enhancing your customers' experiences with your products. Here are just a few custom packaging options to consider for your furniture products.

Use A Series Of Smaller Boxes

Instead of using packing peanuts to protect individual pieces inside of the box, consider packing the parts for your furniture in a series of smaller boxes. You can have each smaller box designed to fit inside of the shipping box, and have them custom-printed with a number system. The number system can indicate to the buyer which order to open the boxes in for convenient assembly. This can take some of the guesswork out of the assembly process, making it easier to put your furniture items together.

Print Instructions On The Box

You can make assembly even easier by having the inside of the shipping boxes printed with the assembly instructions. Work with your custom packaging company to create an illustration of the assembly, which can then be printed on the interior of the box for easy reference. If you are using the idea of placing your parts inside of several smaller boxes, you can print separate sets of instructions for the items inside each box.

Make Your Packaging Child-Friendly

Whether you sell children's furniture or you simply want to make your packaging a little more fun, there are many ways to make your shipping boxes child-friendly. Children often enjoy playing with large boxes, creating their own little play sets with them. You can add to this experience by creating a set of simple, inexpensive stencils which can be used on your shipping boxes to transform them into a playhouse, airplane, or other imaginative toy for your customers' little ones. You can take this idea one step further by having the exterior of the box printed with different child-friendly designs.

Add A Thank-You Gift

You can enhance your customers' buying experience by including a small thank-you gift inside the boxes for your furniture. Work with your packaging company to create a custom-printed thank-you box, which you can use to include a small promotional gift. A screwdriver or small tool set may be good options for your business, as they can be used to help assemble the furniture your customers have purchased.

Your custom packaging company may have other ideas you can use for your furniture business. Work together to create a unique way to package your items. For more information on custom packaging, check out websites like