An Infinity Pool Adds a Touch of Luxurious Beauty and the Soothing Sound of a Waterfall to Your Yard

If you're planning to build a pool in your backyard and you have a beautiful view of a lake or other tranquil scene, consider installing an infinity pool. These pools cost more, but the expense is worth it for the beautiful view they provide. Here are some things to know about infinity pools.

You Can Have A Partial Edge Or Multiple Edges

It's common to have one full edge on an infinity pool. However, it's possible to have multiple edges, but it costs a lot more to build a pool with more than one edge. It's also possible to limit the edge to a single corner so that you can save money on your pool project.

The edge on an infinity pool is the side where it looks like the side of the pool is missing. However, this is just an illusion. The pool actually has a wall just like the other sides, but the wall is hidden under the water so it looks like it's missing. Water flows over the top of the wall and creates a waterfall on the back of the pool. The water lands in a basin and is cycled back to the pool so that no water is lost.

The Purpose Is Beauty And Relaxation

An infinity pool is complicated and expensive to build, but the benefits are well worth it. The view from the pool is spectacular, so it makes your pool much more enjoyable. Plus, you'll have the constant sound of the waterfall when the pool is in operation. The sound of the waterfall enhances your relaxation even if you're lounging on your deck rather than in the pool.

To get the best effect from an infinity pool, your property needs the right elevation, and it also helps if you have a scenic view to look out on. If you live on a typical city lot that's flat and looks out on a fence, you may not want to invest in one of these pools. But if your property faces a lake, wide open sky, or mountain view, the infinity edge can make it look like the pool merges with the distant view.

The Pool Is Custom Made

An infinity pool is custom made for your property, so you can have the features and design you want. This allows you to create a luxurious swimming experience like you might have enjoyed at a resort or spa. Because the pool is custom made, and it's more complicated when the basin has to be added to recirculate the water, it often takes longer to build an infinity pool.

If you think you'd enjoy one of these pools on your property, talk to a pool builder to get started so you can get your new pool as soon as possible.