Useful Tools For Commercial Scrap Metal Recycling

If your commercial business has a bunch of scrap metal that's not going to be used, you should recycle it for cash. This scrap metal recycling process won't ever be difficult to deal with if you focus on using the following tools.

Wire Stripper

If you have collected wire materials around your commercial property to recycle for money, then one device you'll probably want to invest in is a wire stripper. It can be held in your hand and used to cut away insulation that may be covering your wires.

Then you'll be able to easily see what type of wire materials you're working with, whether it's copper or some other type of valuable metal. The stripper will prevent you from cutting your hands, as some of the wire materials may have sharp edges. 

Hand Carts

When there is a large volume of metal scrap just sitting around your commercial property, you need to find a smart and safe way to move it. That's possible when you use a hand cart that can support a lot of metal scrap at one time and still provide optimal movement.

You'll then be able to easily navigate large piles of metal scrap around your worksite, eventually moving them onto a delivery truck that will transport these materials to the appropriate recycling center. These carts save you from lifting a lot of weight and wasting time moving pieces by hand.


Some of your scrap materials may have protective finishes that cover the metal underneath. You need to remove this finish to see what metal you're working with. That way, you'll know how much money to ask for from the recycling center you end up working with. A file is the perfect instrument for this task.

You can use it to grind away the protective finish, ultimately exposing the true metal that a part features. Then you can properly identify these pieces and sort them according to variety. You can find files that are lightweight and compact, making them easy to carry around with you while you engage in metal scrapping activities around a commercial site.

Instead of letting metal scrap sit around a commercial site, you can recycle these materials and earn some money. As long as you use the right tools to complete these processes, you won't have to worry about injuring yourself or wasting your precious time. For more information, contact a commercial scrap metal recycling service