Working With a Demolition Contractor to Remove Parts or All of a Structure

Hiring a demolition contractor to remove a structure that is old or in the way is a common practice, but that is not all they do. Many demolition contractors also work on stripping out the interior of a structure so that a contractor can create something new inside. 

Interior Demolition

Large buildings constructed of steel are often built with very few bearing walls on the inside of the building. This allows a business or tenant to have the entire interior of the space changed when they take possession of the building. 

Working with a demolition contractor to remove all the old walls and materials is an excellent way to ensure everything is stripped and ready to go when it is time for the builder to create the new space. The demolition contractor will remove everything and recycle any materials they can. Everything else will be hauled off to a landfill or scrap yard for proper disposal.

Removal and disposal can be complicated in large buildings because the materials have to leave the building, but they often cannot just go down the elevator or stairs. The demolition contractor will need to coordinate with the building manager to determine the best way to get the materials out and leave the space ready for new construction. 

Removing The Structure

If you have an entire building that needs to be removed, you need a demolition contractor with the equipment and experience to do the job. Residential buildings, like houses, garages, or small buildings on a lot can be easily removed, but larger buildings need to take some coordination and planning. 

The contractor may elect to use heavy machinery on a residential structure, demolish the building, and haul away the debris. A larger commercial structure may need to be removed in pieces so that the demolition is controlled and the building does not come down on something nearby.  

While heavy equipment is still used in commercial demolition projects, the building is often taken apart in sections. The windows typically come out first, then interior parts are stripped, and finally, the steel frame can be cut apart and lifted off the building with a crane. The way the demolition contractor takes the building down is up to them, but most contractors have a process they like to follow, and it may be different from one contractor to the next.

Blasting And Implosions

For large structures that need to come down quickly, you may want to hire a demolition contractor who will implode the building. Explosives are rigged in strategic spots after the interior is stripped and the glass is all removed. 

Once the building is ready, the explosives are detonated, cutting specific structural members in the building, causing it to collapse on itself. Once the building is down, the demolition contractor and their crew will use heavy equipment to remove the debris and clear the lot.