Water Supply Problems & A Bad Well Pump

Well water is a big convenience for many homeowners living in an area in which obtaining it from the city isn't possible. The reason why obtaining city water isn't commonly possible for rural homeowners is distance, as the municipal plumbing lines are not installed to reach that far away. Even though well water is nice to have, it can become frustrating when problems arise that are not easy to repair. One of the common reasons why a well stops functioning properly is due to the pump not working, and the best way to find out if that is the case is via a professional inspection. When a well pump goes bad, numerous problems can arise with the water supply in a house until a repair is performed.

Why Is Little to No Water Coming From Faucets?

When a faucet is only dripping water or doesn't release any at all, it can be related to several things, including the well pump. If the plumbing in your house or tank to the well is not the problem, it is likely that the pump needs attention. Basically, the pump may have stopped bringing up groundwater so it can flow to the inside of your house. Sometimes such a problem arises because dirt needs to be removed from the pump or it is simply too worn out to effectively pull up groundwater. Due to there being numerous things that can go wrong with a well pump, it is wise to allow a professional to diagnose the problem before making assumptions on your own.

Should Drilling Be Redone for a Well?

In some cases, the only way to fix a problem with a well pump not producing much water is for drilling to be done again. The reason why is that the problem might not be directly related to the pump but in the area in which it is located. The pump can only bring up groundwater when it is able to access it, such as via aquifers. Water is contained in the aquifers, which are basically rocks. It is possible for the supply of water in the rocks to run out or get too low to sufficiently supply a well.

What Does Replacing a Well Pump Cost?

Replacing a well pump can vary in cost, as there are several factors to consider. For example, whether or not professional labor is necessary is one of the things to consider. You should at least intend to pay several hundred dollars for a new well pump, but it can also run into the thousands.

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