Use Mardis Gras Beads to Enhance a Set of Lamps

If you have a recreational room in your home that is decorated with vibrant colors and textures, Mardis Gras beads can be used to accent a set of lamps that are each being added to an end table that is within the room. Mardi Gras beads contain brilliant colors and are often constructed of lightweight plastic that can be glued to fabric, plastic, wood, and a variety of other surfaces. Here are some tips for using these beads to dress up your lamps. 

The Layout

Assess the condition of each lampshade, including the type of material and thickness. If a shade is thin or translucent, the beads will play off of the lighting that is amplified. Thicker shades can also be used with this decorating style and beads can be used to cover up a shade's exterior or portions of it.

A beaded trim design that runs around the top or the bottom of a shade or a series of beaded pictures and a solid-colored background can be added to each shade. For a complicated design that contains lettering or a picture, you will need a clean work surface. Use a duster to clean the outside of each shade.

If there is any staining on the shades, you can use a damp cloth and detergent to wipe away substances. Use a pencil to sketch the design that will be added to each shade. For shades that are constructed of plastic, secure stencils to the shades. The stencils will provide visual guidelines during the bead application process.

Adding Beads

Purchase several Mardis Gras strands. Choose green and yellow strands or other color combinations that are complementary. For beaded accents that will run continuously around each shade, leave the beads intact. Use a hot glue gun and glue stick or a small adhesive tube to affix beads to each shade.

Before applying the glue, use a pair of scissors to cut through each bead strand. Wind a strand around various parts of each shade, to determine where you would like to add each beaded accent. If you added pencil outlines or stencils to the lamp shades, add separated beads to each design.

Use scissors to separate the beads. Sort the beads by color and add each grouping to a bowl or a cup. Individually glue beads to the pencil drawing or stenciled outlines. After applying a drop of glue to a bead, press it against one of the shades. Add the remaining beads and wait for the adhesive to dry. Secure one shade to the top of each lamp base. Turn on the lights and admire the beaded enhancements.