How A Valve Manifold Box Can Improve Productivity And Safety In Your Workplace

Do you have multiple pieces of equipment or tools that use gas for power or other needs? If so, making sure each tool gets the gas it needs in a safe manner can quickly start taking up more and more of your time. You can't take a shortcut when dealing with an energy source like this, as one bad mistake could lead to a serious problem. But that's why more and more companies like yours are today turning to the valve manifold box to help them manage the situation. Here's what a valve manifold box can for you.

Connect a Single Source of Gas to Multiple Tools or Equipment

A valve manifold box takes in the gas you need from outside the building or wherever it is being routed from. You then connect your various gas-powered tools to the box, as you can route this one source of gas to multiple different tools at the same time.

Boost Productivity Without Installing Another Gas Source

if you only have one incoming gas source, you might previously have had to disconnect one tool from it in order to power a different one. But with a valve manifold box, you can hook up both tools at the same time and both will make use of the one source of incoming gas. 

This means you will not have as many work stoppages throughout your day, because you can have multiple tools online and running at the same time, instead of having people stand around during downtime while someone works to disconnect and reconnect the gas.

Re-Route Pressure or Power as Needed

A valve manifold box allows you to quickly and easily redirect more gas or more pressure to a specific tool or to shut off one tool in particular. This can boost productivity to one specific tool, or serve as an emergency shut off if something goes sideways with another tool.

Stop Leaks

When you have multiple tools constantly being connected and disconnected, it's possible that an employee could make a mistake during one of these switches and end up leaking gas into the workplace. With a valve manifold box, all of your tools will remain connected so no switching or potential for danger will occur. Your valve manifold box can also include a detection system that will let you know if the box itself is leaking so you can react quickly.

Talk to a provider of gas-powered tools or valve manifold boxes today for more information.