Card Readers and Expansions for Your Hotel's Laundry Area

Current coin shortages, damaged quarter slots, or the constant requests to exchange dollars for quarters can be taking its toll on your ability to keep your hotel's laundry room operating efficiently. If the same sets of equipment have been utilized for the last decade, upgrade your washers and dryers by offering vended commercial laundry equipment that utilizes card readers and by expanding the laundry area.

Card Readers Eliminates Most Of Your Troubles

Keeping laundry equipment well-maintained will be a constant requirement, but if you omit the coin-operated features that you have relied upon for years, you may quickly notice that disruptions at your hotel aren't as prevalent as they normally are. Vended equipment that utilizes smart card readers will allow your patrons to choose their method of payment, which can include debit cards and major credit cards.

This type of setup can be pleasing to your patrons since they won't need to carry around loose change, which could drop onto the floor and become lost. Before purchasing new items, you will need to decide what to do with the current equipment.

Selling the items through a local community yard sale or exchanging the appliances for credit are two options that might be of use to you. If a laundry equipment supplier sells both new and used vended equipment, there is a high likelihood that the owner of the business will be willing to buy your equipment. 

Varying Sizes Will Accommodate Loads Of All Sizes

One way to boost sales and keep your hotel guests happy is by offering washers and dryers that are varying sizes. It can be an inconvenience to discover that a standard-sized washer is slightly too small for a particular load of clothing, and this often leads to people trying to overload equipment, which could result in costly repairs.

Purchase a couple standard washers, some medium-sized ones, and one or two large units. Buy dryers that fit the same range of sizes. If you have some additional room on your property that would be suitable for a second laundry area, invest in enough equipment to set up two distinct areas. 

Having rooms that are spaced out will accommodate your guests further, since guests will not need to lug heavy bags or totes of laundry very far in order to launder and dry the essentials they need during their travels. Alert your guests to the new machine types. Do this by posting signs on the laundry area doors or by displaying signage in the lobby area.