4 Tips To Help Troubleshoot Problems With Your Water Pump And Well Equipment That Reduce Water Flow From The Well

There are many problems that can affect well water pumps, such as wear and damage to the pump, as well as problems with some of the other equipment. The water pump, pressure tank, and controller can all affect how the pump works, and you want to be able to troubleshoot these problems. The following tips will help you troubleshoot problems with water pumps and other well equipment.

Problems with Water Pump Controllers and Well Pressure Switches Causing the Pump to Not Turn On

There are a lot of problems with the electrical controls of your water pump that can cause it to not turn on. This can start with the main controller and the circuits inside it, which may need to be replaced. You will also want to check the pressure switch to make sure it is working and turning the pump on when water needs to be drawn from the well.

Pressure Tanks and the Problems with Worn Valves That Can Cause Noisy Plumbing and Water Pump Problems

The pressure tanks of wells are another area where you may have trouble and need help with repairs. The first sign that there may be a problem with the pressure tank is noisy plumbing. This can also cause there to be a lower flow rate from the pump because it is not working correctly. Usually, replacing the pressure tank will solve the problem and your water pump will be working again.

Sediments and Mineral Deposits That Cause Wear of Water Pumps That Can Cause Them to Fail

One of the biggest problems that cause wear and damage to water pumps that draw water from wells is the sediment. The mineral deposits and particles build up on pump parts and can eventually cause them to fail. A pump repair service can remove the water pump and clean it to remove mineral buildup to get it working again if this is the problem.

Problems with Faulty Water Pump Wiring That Can Eventually Cause the Pump to Fail and Water to Not Flow

Lastly, there are different types of problems that you may have with the electrical wiring of the pump itself. This can be due to a submersible pump with loose wires that twist and get damaged when the pump turns on or other damage to the electrical wiring for different types of pumps. To solve this problem, the pump can be rewired to replace the damaged wires and get the pump working again.

These are some tips to help with troubleshooting water pump and well equipment problems. If you need help, contact a water pump service and tell them about the problems you are having.