Beer-Based Gifts For Picky Fellows

Finding gifts for a man can be difficult. When you know that the guy that you're buying for typically grumbles or doesn't appreciate what you get him, you spend that much more time trying to make sure that the gift is perfect. Here, you'll find a few ideas that can help you avoid the mugs, ties, and pajamas and get him something that he really might enjoy.

Pressurized Growlers

Does the guy in your life enjoy a good beer? Well, one thing that he probably doesn't have is a pressurized growler. With all of the micro-breweries popping up across the country, having a way to get that beer home and keep it bubbly is a must. Sure, they might offer the plain old glass growlers to haul it home in, but once you open that cap, the bubbles start to fizzle out — unless it's stored in a pressurized growler.

The pressurized growler will keep all of the bubbles in the beer for a while after the beer is put in there. This way, he won't have to chug down his strong, expensive microbrews to make sure that he doesn't let it go to waste.

A Brewery Tour

Another way to make sure that your beer-loving guy is happy with what he gets is to get him some time out of the house sampling new brews from local breweries. You can schedule a brewery tour for him — you can go as well, or you can include some of his buddies in the trip, whatever you think will make him happiest.

Tip: If your guy has a loaded schedule, you may just want to pick up a gift-card package for the tours. This way, you can give him the gift and he can find the time to go and do it — you won't have to worry about him not being able to attend a certain date because he's tied up with work.

Home Brewery Starter Kit

Why not give him the power to brew his own beer at home? There are a number of home-brewing starter kits to get him started. Then, if you find that it's something that he enjoys, you can build on that setup over the next several years to continue expanding it so he can brew more flavors to enjoy.

You can give him something that he'll enjoy — these ideas can help you get started on this year's shopping list for a picky fellow.