How A Pinball Machine Can Bring A Better Teen Lunch Crowd To Your Restaurant

Owning a local restaurant is a great way to gain relevance in your community and serve the local people you love amazing food and a lovely atmosphere. You want to stay busy and reach the largest customer base as possible since the more tables you can fill the better profits you can experience. The high school lunch rush is something you want to be part of, but these large groups of youth can be tricky to obtain. They have simple needs, and if you cannot meet them, they will go to fast food joints or gas stations, among other local eateries, that will. Here are ways you can draw in the high school lunch crowd to your establishment by installing a pinball machine with modern LED lighting:


Simple classic entertainment, such as a stuffed animal claw machine or a pinball machine with fun LED lighting, can draw in a bored high school crowd looking for a little fun during their lunch break. You want your entertaining machines to be placed right by entries so as groups stand near your doors awaiting to be seated or as they gather all their friends, you can attract their attention long enough to get them to try these units out for fun or to try to win something to impress their buddies. The bright LED lighting of a pinball machine also makes for a great background prop for those much-needed lunchtime selfies and social media posts teens love to do.

Food Prizes

Teenagers want to be fed quickly with yummy food, and what matters to them as much as taste is affordability of their meals. Post a huge sign above your pinball machine telling your guests that they can win a free small appetizer or quick meal if they can beat a current high score or achieve a certain length of time on the pinball machine without losing. This can draw in a healthy crowd of all ages for fun and classic gaming. Prizes you can offer include:

  • pizza
  • nachos
  • salad bar
  • hot/corn dogs
  • submarine sandwiches/soup

Teens will always be looking for the next hangout to enjoy their free lunch hour. You can make your restaurant more successful in your community if you cater to youth by installing classically good fun that brings back the good old arcade days. A pinball machine is the perfect way to make your eatery stand out and bring in a loyal and growing fan base. If you need more help with deciding how best to set up for a pinball machine to help your business, you might contact a company like PINBULBZ AND ARCADES to learn more.