Types of Range Hoods to Get for Your Stovetop

Range hoods are installed over your stovetop, and are used to suck up steam and other fumes that are given off when cooking. They are a great way to make cleanup easier by accumulating grease in a single location, and help to keep your cooking area well ventilated.

There are several different types of range hoods available on the market, each of which has a number of unique benefits and drawbacks. Understanding what each type of range hood has to offer can help you choose the one that best fits your kitchen's needs.

Under Cabinet Range Hoods

The most common types of range hoods, under cabinet range hoods are installed on the underside of the cabinets which are over your stove and are fairly low profile. Because of this style of mounting, they are able to be retrofitted in almost every type of kitchen, and tend to be available in a wide range of price points, making them able to fit into any budget.

However, the ductwork associated with under cabinet range hoods means that they may take up all of the storage space in the cabinets in which they are installed under.

Wall Mounted Range Hoods

Wall mounted range hoods are an alternative to under cabinet range hoods, and are much more noticeable than under cabinet range hoods, taking up more space. This means that they can be used as a design element within your kitchen. The main difference between this type of range hood and others is that they are sometimes installed with a chimney that vents air from the kitchen to the exterior of your home, providing an increased rate of ventilation.

However, the installation of wall mounted range hoods tends to be more extensive when compared to their under cabinet counterparts, which can drive up the initial costs of such units.

Island Range Hoods

These types of range hoods, like their name suggests, are designed to be paired with island stovetops and are hung directly from the ceiling. Because of this unique installation area, island range hoods come in a wide variety of different designs so that they can contribute to the aesthetic of the room.

However, island range hoods are typically installed higher than other types of range hoods, because the ceiling of your kitchen will be significantly higher than the underside of your cabinets. This means that they may not be as efficient at removing the fumes given off when cooking.

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