Tips For Choosing A Self-Storage Unit

When you choose a storage unit, you need to remember that not all storage units are created equal. While any storage facility should be able to offer units of various sizes, you should be more concerned about the security and safety of your belongings. After all, what does it matter if you were able to find a storage unit if your possessions are in poor condition or gone when you come to get them. 

Safety Concerns

Nothing can beat the ease of access you get with an outdoor-accessible storage locker. You simply pull your truck up to the unit and unload directly into the unit. On the other hand, outdoor lockers are typically not weatherproof, so before you put anything in an outdoor unit, you need to make sure that it can handle changes in temperature and humidity. Fine art, electronics, and musical instruments are safer in an indoor, climate controlled unit. If this means that you have to get one indoor unit for items that should not be exposed to the elements and a separate unit for the rest of your gear, its better to absorb the cost associated with renting two units, than to end up replacing items that were damaged while in storage. 

Security Concerns

The next item of business should be to make sure that your belongings are protected against theft. Look for a storage facility with a masonry wall so that would-be thieves cannot simply cut through a chain-link fence and gain access. Look for a facility that has security cameras throughout instead of just at the entrances, and make sure they hold onto the footage from the cameras for at least a few days so that, if necessary, police can use the footage to identify thieves. Finally, look for a facility that has individual alarms for each storage locker so that even if a thief gains access to your locker, an alarm will sound and the security guards and police can descend before the thief gets away. 

Renting a storage locker should be a positive experience. As long as you take the right precautions, you should have no problem finding a storage locker that will protect your belongings for as long as necessary. While it may be somewhat of a hassle to look into more than one unit before you decide to rent one, finding a safe and secure facility will pay you back in the long run.