Packaging Your Homemade Soaps To Entice Purchases

If you enjoy making a variety of homemade soaps and you decided you would like to try your hand at selling them at local festivals, craft shows, or community events, you are most likely excited about the prospect of getting your products in the hands of others while making some cash from the sales. It is important to have eye-catching packaging on each of your products in order to draw attention to them during these sales. Here are some tips you can use to ensure that your packaging helps you advertise your wares in order to sell them as you desire.

Wrap Each Soap In In A Decorative Paper

It is best to use a thin, somewhat transparent, colored paper when wrapping your soaps. This will allow those browsing your products to be able to see the shape of each of the soap bars as well as any coloring you had added to each bar. A thin paper also allows those browsing to be able to smell the fragrance of each of your products with ease. Use light colors rather than vivid ones to help relax those taking a look at your products.

Use An Appropriate Label To Give Information

You will most likely want those purchasing your products to contact you with future orders. For this reason, having a label affixed to each bar of soap is extremely important. If you order labels, make sure your name, address, phone number, and website address is placed upon them. This text should be in a bold, block type font rather than a scrolled print so it is easy to read. If you decide to use bags to place several items inside for your customers, affix a label on each of these as well.

Add Some Decorations To Complete The Look

It is a nice touch to add a bit of whimsical fun to each of your bars of soap. Consider adding a festive bow to the top of each of your packages, or use a colored twine to tie around each bar, adorning a tied bow by hand to each product. This will help make them ready to be given as gifts, as many customers will pass them on to others after they purchase them. A sticker with a holiday scene or fun slogan can also be added directly to the soap packaging along with your personal information labels if you desire.