Setting Up A Home Office? Get These Accessories For Your Office Chair For Maximum Comfort

If you're about to set up a home office for your new business, and you're not sure just how far to go in making it look like an office, you may want to consider that the more office-like it is, the more you'll treat your time in there as actual work time. It's easy to set up a laptop in a random spot in your home and work from there, but that can lead to distraction and poor time management -- the banes of many a home worker. Making your home office look like an actual office doesn't have to be expensive, and much of the illusion lies in having the right accessories. For example, when you buy your office chair, look at these accessories that will make it much easier to work.

Ergonomic Accessories

If you plan on spending a lot of time in the office, you'll need accessories that help you stay in good shape, and not in terms of exercise. Posture and joint stress are common complaints in offices, so get items like a lower backrest for your chair, a headrest so you can lean back a bit and rest your neck, and a wrist pad to place near your computer keyboard when you sit at your desk. These will help prevent pain from poor arm placement, neck stress, or slouching.

Floor Mat

Get a smooth floor mat to place under the chair if the chair has casters and the floor is carpeted. It can be a pain to remember not to trip on the mat, and if you get the wrong size, you could have to deal with your chair constantly going off the mat with one wheel. But if you get a large enough mat (all you have to do is measure the area where you'll be rolling your chair), the mat's surface will allow you to move the chair effortlessly. Without the mat, you'll have to tug at the chair to move it anywhere.

Armrest Mouse Pad

Instead of reaching over to the computer to grab the mouse or use the trackpad, which can tire out your shoulder and arm, get a mouse pad that has an armrest attached. These are elongated, so you're not pulling your arm back to use the mouse. Instead, you get a platform on which you can rest your arm as you use the mouse in its normal spot.

These are just a few of the options you have. The company from which you buy your office chair can help you pick out additional accessories to make your home office experience complete. Companies like D&R Office Works, Inc., may be able to help meet your needs in this area.