Prepping Your Concession Trailer For A Sporting Event

Having your concession trailer nearby for a big sporting event can draw in plenty of business, but you'll want the right equipment for your business to handle the crowds of hungry fans. Here are just a few options to consider to prep for the big game.

Pull-Behind BBQ Cooker

Nothing says tailgating like having a barbecue for the fans. You can purchase a pull-behind BBQ cooker, which can be used to prepare everything from ribs to bratwurst. Because it is a trailer that connects to your vehicle, it also gives you the added benefit of expanding your cooking space. You can use the grill to prepare burgers and hot dogs, so the staff inside the trailer can focus on preparing other foods, and you can serve up your barbecue menu options next to the grill, which helps to keep lines shorter at your window.

Portable Fryer

Fryers can be used for much more than just preparing French fries. These versatile tools can be used to make tailgating favorites, such as chicken wings, onion rings, fried zucchini, fried catfish, and fried green beans. If you have enough room in your trailer, you might want to consider having two portable fryers on hand so one can be used for state fair-style desserts, including deep-fried cheesecake bites. Be sure to choose a fryer with locking wheels, and have a method of disposal available for the oil to keep the trailer and the fryer clean.

Hand Sink Cart

While a hand sink cart won't help you to expand your menu, it can make your concession trailer stand out from the crowd. These carts can be set up outside the trailer so guests can wash their hands after enjoying your delicious menu selections. They are a particularly good idea if you will be using a pull-behind BBQ cooker to prepare saucy ribs and chicken, as your customers will likely need a way to wash their hands. Be sure to have a supply of soap and paper towels available to keep the sink ready for use, and place a trash can next to it to prevent littering near your trailer.

Look for other items that can add value to your concession trailer and make it more appealing for fans attending sporting events. With a little planning and the right concession trailer equipment, you can cater your menu to the crowds at these events. Be sure to have your equipment inspected and maintained by a concession trailer equipment like CS Techs Inc expert to keep it working properly, so you can have everything ready to go on game day.