Developing Leadership Skills And Qualities In Your Team

You should foster a sense of leadership in members of your team to build an effective staff that can handle day-to-day operations in the event of your absence. This also may help groom a sense of investment in your company, which may motivate employees to work harder. Furthermore, this puts your team members on-track for management, entrepreneurial, and leadership opportunities later on in their professional lives.

Some ways to groom leaders among your staff or team include the following:

Educational experiences. Stay abreast of retreats and workshops related to building leadership skills, and enlist your team to attend. This will provide exercises, activities, and information surrounding what it takes to effectively manage a team of their own. This will also reinforce that they are valued members of your staff and that you have faith in their ability to supervise and lead others.

Decisive delegation. Be clear with directions and give staff the chance to rise to the occasion when you have a task or job for them to do. Work with the strengths of each team member to give them a feeling of value and accomplishment; assign supervision to assist with new or unfamiliar tasks to build confidence and gain knowledge. A team that is well-versed in all areas of your company is a valuable asset that will benefit your company and instill confidence in your consumer audience.

Foster autonomy. Give trusted team members the opportunity to take care of things in your absence. Assign tasks but don't micro-manage. If mistakes occur, take time and patiencely explain how it may have been handled differently. It is best if you keep these interactions cordial and professional. Flying off the handle doesn't benefit anyone.

Team meetings. Plan and schedule team meetings to keep all staff aware and involved in what is going on in your company. This also may help to foster solidarity among your team and a sense of working toward common goals.

Effective communication. Lead by example; one way to do this is through effective and clear communication styles. Demonstrate this by speaking directly to your team, remaining calm during stress, and being honest and straightforward in your interactions.

Even if your company is small, you and your staff can benefit from giving attention to the development of leadership traits. Confidence is a benchmark of an effective leader, and a confident, self-assured team can help your business thrive. Put effort into providing a workplace that fosters leadership and growth among staff as it is a wise investment for all involved. 

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