Bootstrapped Start Up? 3 Marketing Strategies That Give The Most Bang For Your Buck!

In today's competitive marketplace, your target audience is constantly being inundated with advertisements that can make it hard for a start up to stand out, especially when you are trying to funnel as much money as possible back into your business. Yet, marketing strategies do not have to cost a fortune. In fact, you can quickly move your brand to the forefront of everyone's mind by using these cost-effective strategies that will build your reputation in the community along with your bottom line.

Create Strategic Partnerships

Gaining credibility is essential to building your customer-base. However, earning your customers' trust also takes time. Fortunately, you can shorten this process by joining up with a company that is already established in your field. Ideally, this company should offer complementary services so that your brands can combine to give customers a complete experience. For example, a home remodeling company could partner with a real estate agency to receive referrals for incoming residents that may need to spruce up their new home.

Choose Long-Term Advertising

Television and online ads are fleeting and expensive, which is exactly what a start up does not need. Fortunately, there are long-term forms of advertising available that can extend your brand's visibility while making a big impact upon potential customers. For example, custom signs can be selected in a variety of forms so that your company logo and contact information is visible and accessible to more people. For example, a magnetic sign on your vehicle means that you can constantly advertise your services, even when you are running to the grocery store. By looking for advertising strategies that only require a one-time purchase, you can significantly cut down on your marketing expenses.

Extend Your Community Outreach

When you are starting a business, news outlets can be one of your biggest allies. Consider contacting your local newspaper and telling them about your company. Many papers highlight incoming entrepreneurs. Or you could call your university and see if they would like to include your achievements in an alumni newsletter. Also, getting involved in the community by volunteering and sponsoring charities is a great way to build a positive reputation in your community while gaining visibility. For instance, many community events will allow you to place your customized company sign on booths at fundraising events in exchange for your participation.

Increasing your start up's visibility is essential to your long-term success, yet it may take a little creativity to keep your marketing strategies within budget. By focusing on building relationships in the communities you serve and implementing long-term advertising methods, you can ensure that your company gains credibility while making a big impression that attracts customers.

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